History of BioBrew Ltd.

BioBrew Ltd was founded in 2009 by Andre Prassinos and Don Pearson. The positive feedback to early prototype batches produced in Christchurch led to the opening of our first brewery in Christchurch and then a second in Balclutha, Otago. 2012 saw the opening of our third facility in Matangi, just outside of Cambridge. We have now consolidated South Island operations into the Otago facility, North Island operations are from our facility in Matangi, Hamilton.
In 2010 we began a long-term relationship with Lincoln Unversity. This ongoing relationship is the foundation of our Quality Assurance and product development programs. In 2014 we successfully launched EquiBrew in New Zealand and 2015 has started off with work underway to launch this product into the Colorado market.

Meet the team

Andre Prassinos,
Managing Director

Born in Reno, Nevada and raised in Denver Colorado, Andre brings a background in management and sales to BioBrew Ltd.

Residing in New Zealand with his wife Heather since 1998, Andre is now busy raising two young Kiwis, Dylan and Sierra. When time permits, the family enjoys the outdoors; tramping, mountain biking and rock climbing.

Andre Prassinos - Managing Director BioBrew Ltd. Andre Prassinos
Don Pearson,
Technical Director

Born in Northland, Don has lived most of his life in Canterbury. Don holds a BHortSci (Hons) degree from Lincoln University, completing his Honours project on soil science.

Don brings a wide range of experience to BioBrew Ltd including organic farming, commercial microbial product formulation and manufacture, and agricultural consulting. Don can occasionally be found around Cantabrian wetlands stalking the elusive Godwit.

Don Pearson - Technical Director BioBrew Ltd. Don Pearson

Stuart Braddick,
Waikato Brewery Manager

Born in Pahiatua, Stuart has both travelled and lived overseas. Stuart has a background in I.T. but has since seen the light and decided that microbes are more to his liking.

As the Waikato brewery manager Stuart ensures that BioBrew's and EquiBrew's meticulous manufacturing processes are adhered to so that only the best possible product is shipped to our retailers or delivered to the farm gate.

Stuart lives just outside Cambridge with his partner Marie, two badly behaved dogs, and a cat that keeps them all in line.

Stuart Braddick - Waikato Brewery Manager Stuart Braddick
Heather Hughes,
Accounts and Administration

Born in Ontario, Canada, Heather moved to Yorkshire, UK at a young age before relocating to NZ in 1993. Heather always had horses growing up until travel and later children interrupted her equine pursuits. A horticultural course at Lincoln University at the BHU introduced her to our Co-Founder, Don Pearson, and gave new insight into the complex and powerful microbial life that is the foundation of plant, animal and human health and productivity.

Heather supervises the administrative and financial aspects of our operation while raising her two kids, Dylan & Sierra with her husband and BioBrew Co-Founder Andre Prassinos.

Heather Hughes Heather Hughes