BioBrew is a fresh feed-grade probiotic

"The price is right"
Various BioBrew Customers

"I changed from using an awful lot of antibiotics... and this year I did BioBrew and I am exceptionally happy with the outcome"
Jo Maber, Te Awamutu

"It just helps the cows convert grass into milk a lot better"
Brian Michelle, Otago

"We got very good results with the calves, it’s affordable and it works"
Steve Korteweg, Otago

"It's been doing wonderful things... I’m very impressed"
Charles Anainga, Waikato

"Very beneficial"
Arnold Fitzgerald, Taranaki

"Absolutely amazing"
Ron Steiner, Bay of Plenty

"Had no problems whatsoever with scouring"
Martin Ramsey, Taranaki


The calves have never had a bad day.

No scours. No problems.
Just shiny coats and healthy calves.

Duncan M, Clutha

I am milking better than the last two seasons.

I have healthy cows and I am milking better than the last two seasons even with the storm and the dry.

I also use BioBrew as a topical (skin) spray (25% BioBrew, 75% water) with very good results.

This same solution is used to treat foot rot with a generous spray between the claws for four days having thus far a 100% success rate.

Jeff Bell, Southland

BioBrew is a valuable tool.

I have been using BioBrew this season and have found it excellent.

The herd seems more settled, they are happier and as a result have decreased lameness within the herd, the cell count has reduced and stabilized and there is a noticeable difference in the cows behaviour and production when the cows stopped receiving it for a brief period of time.

BioBrew is a valuable tool in the successful running of our farm; I would recommend it to other farmers.

Brian Michelle, Otago