In a week I’ve noticed a huge difference in behaviour under the saddle and in the paddock. A lot more energy, more forward and relaxed.

It’s a problem solver for me!
Georgia Wiltshire
Georgia Wiltshire

It’s going great on my nervy horse. This was a horse you couldn’t touch or catch and was afraid of people. Now my neighbour who hadn’t had anything to do with her before was able to walk over, touch her and brush her head to toe without her flinching or being worried! This was unthinkable before EquiBrew!
Renee Adkins
Joseph had been a bit over-quirky and we suspected he had gut ulcers. We put him on EquiBrew and four days later we had a different horse. He went from being a grumpy horse bouncing around the paddock to the relaxed calm horse you are always looking for. Everything about him has changed. His coat is lovely and my farrier has noticed the improvement to his hooves.

I’m feeding nine horses with EquiBrew and they’re all the same, hoof improvement, coat improvement and better temperament. They are holding weight and better utilizing their feed. It’s a huge savings.
Kate Honour

…after a busy season we thought we would stop feeding (including our EquiBrew).  Within 3 days they were feral!  So we put them back on EquiBrew and overnight we got our lovely calm horses back!  It pays to keep the maintenance dose of EquiBrew up, even in rest periods! 
Fee O'Neill

I’m pleased to say it’s really worked. Her whole temperament has changed. She’s just become such a nice horse to handle, a joy to have around. She’s actually enjoying her work. EquiBrew is a brilliant product!
Claudette 'Alfie' Kerr
She’s settled down and a lot happier. She’s not so reactive. Definitely seeing an improvement…relaxed and mellowed out!
Ann Dunn