Lincoln University congratulates BioBrew!


Lincoln University congratulates BioBrew for making it into the Champion Canterbury Business Awards

01 October 2012

At the Champion Canterbury business awards on 27 September, BioBrew Ltd was a finalist in the Champion Producer/Manufacturer Small Enterprise category.

BioBrew Ltd produces microbial products and they are used in a variety of animal nutrition applications, including domesticated species at all stages of development.  In collaboration with Lincoln University’s Food Microbiology Laboratory in the Department of Wine, Food and Molecular Bioscience, BioBrew’s products are developed through ongoing research. 

Lecturer in Food Microbiology Dr Malik A. Hussain has worked closely with BioBrew since the company started out and is thrilled with their success.  “The business started in 2009 and within three years to be recognised as an innovative agribusiness company is a wonderful achievement.

“In November 2010 BioBrew signed the first research contract with the University to optimise its production process.  We then delivered a wide range of services to BioBrew in a series of agreements which include improvement of the product characteristics, testing the product quality, and technical consultancy on several issues. 

“In July this year BioBrew signed a fresh collaboration contract with the University to develop quality assurance systems and assist in future R&D work for its products” says Dr Hussain.

Company co-founder Andre Prassinos said “We owe a great deal of our success to the Cantabrian support we have had from our customers, local equipment manufacturers, and Lincoln University.  Our products are made to a credible standard developed through our ongoing development work with Dr Malik Hussain of Lincoln University. 

“Even though we didn’t win the Champion Producer/Manufacturer Small Enterprise category, it was an honour to be nominated and make it through as one of four finalists.”


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