An Overview of Probiotics, Prebiotics and other Microbial Tools for Horses

Published in May 2015 Natural Horse Management Magazine NZ | 30/5/2015

Microbial tools for equine health

Microbial Tools for Equine Health.
An overview of probiotics, prebiotics, and other potions for horse owners.

In recent years the awareness of the importance of what is now commonly called the “gut biome”, i.e., all of the microbial life that exists in an animal’s digestive tract, has grown tremendously. We are informed, virtually on a daily basis, of the way in which this biome affects and interacts with issues of health, well-being and even mood and mental health. A dizzying array of products, some with attractive or even startling claims flood the market. This article is an attempt to give horse owners some clarity and understanding regarding the various categories of products and some of the pitfalls to be avoided.

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Microbial Tools for Equine Health    Microbial Tools for Equine Health    Microbial Tools for Equine Health

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