Anxious Cat turns into big softie on Petbrew...


Read a recent success story from pet lover Sara Milton, who recently completed our anxious-cat case study...

Hanks Story:

Hank is a 6-year-old Ocicat. He came to live with us three years ago after an unsettled period of moving houses a lot with his previous owner.

Hank was always engaging and friendly, as Ocicats are bred to be. But he was also very anxious and had several behavioural issues. He was very easily startled by any noise or movement, and would never stay settled for long. He rarely sat on anyone’s lap. He also was obsessed with (and would try to steal) food, used our furniture as a personal scratching post, and picked fights with the other cats in the neighbourhood.

Most of these behaviours calmed down as Hank became established with us. He came to realise his home and food were secure, and gradually became more casual about food. I bought a large scratching post for the lounge, which he now uses most of the time (unless deliberately trying to get our attention). And as he became more content in his new home his aggression towards other cats also eased off.

However, the anxiousness has been harder to shake. We’d more or less decided this was part of Hank’s fundamental personality and dubbed him “Anxiety Cat”.

When we heard that PetBrew has been shown to help with anxiety in pets we were eager to be part of the feline trial.

Our problem was that Hank is notoriously difficult to administer medication to. As soon as he realises you are putting something into his mouth he squirms and scratches, and jerks his head back so that the medication spills on the side of his face rather than down his throat. He also usually staunchly refuses to eat any food that has medication added to it.

I did not know how we would get Hank to consume PetBrew. It smells quite strong to my human nose, and I had little hope that he would accept food with PetBrew in it. I mixed about 5mL of PetBrew in with Hank’s favourite dinner and, to my surprise, he ate it with usual enthusiasm.

PetBrew has certainly been the easiest treatment I’ve ever had to administer to him.

 Hank has been having PetBrew for about three weeks now, mixed in with his dinner, without complaint. So far we have noticed a major change in his anxiety level. His demeanour is much calmer. If we accidentally drop a pan or walk through the house in clomping shoes, he no longer runs away to hide. He seems much more at ease and serene. He has also been sleeping on my lap more, which I love.

I will definitely continue giving Hank PetBrew. It’s a delight to see him seem much happier, more confident, and more tranquil. 

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