PetBrew is a high performance liquid probiotic feed supplement for pets.

PetBrew is used to support your pets digestive system. This can enhance recovery from a range of gastrointestinal and immune system related disorders. Our customers report their pets have improvements to digestive upsets, skin conditions, and overall health and energy.

To administer, you simply mix PetBrew into your pet's food or syringe orally as per label instructions.

What is unique about PetBrew?

First and foremost, our probiotics are alive.

After researching the digestive system and optimal microbial balance for Cats and Dogs we came up with a recipe of bacterial strains that made a bacterial colony beneficial to optimising their health and microbial balance. We then created an effective delivery method that keeps the bacteria alive in a liquid product so that it is 100% effective.

We think there really is nothing else on the market like it, not just in New Zealand but in the world.

Read more about the Gut Microbiome and how PetBrew is different to other probiotic products ...

What symptoms can PetBrew help with?

Most of our customers discover PetBrew when they have a cat or dog with a digestive problem or skin condition that is not responding well to either drugs or diet changes. Our customers report great success with treating these conditions effectively with PetBrew.

We have run case studies for common complaints with customers and their pets to demonstrate the effectiveness of PetBrew  in treating a variety of conditions.

They have reported back to us that PetBrew:

  • Improved gastro symptoms, like diarrhoea and vomiting
  • Cleared up skin conditions like eczema and psoriasis
  • Reduced allergy symptoms
  • Improved the temperament of nervous and anxious pets
  • Boosted the immune system and vitality in elderly dogs

Read our customer testimonials and FAQ’s to find out more about PetBrew


Family Dog, Ink, suffered from red itchy skin around base of her tail, in the joins of her back legs & over her tummy. After one month of Pet Brew she had an amazing improvement!

PetBrew Testimonial - Ink

“We’d previously been using steroids, prescription diets and also human probiotics because we weren’t aware that there were pet probiotics like PetBrew available. I can’t think of anything comparable on the market and PetBrew has worked really well with our GI cases. We’ve recommended PetBrew to cases where pets need help with their skin management and they’ve turned out to have fantastic results. We also tend to recommend it to those who are after more than just drugs and are looking for a holistic option for their pets.” Charleen Baker, Veterinarian at Drury Vets

Nervous Dog


Ingredients: Dosage: Instructions:

Water, Molasses, Sugar,
Lime, Kelp,
GRAS Microbial Culture (> 107 Lactobacilli/ml),
including L.rhamnosus, Yeast

Please note: All sugars have been consumed by the probiotic microbes prior to bottling. There are no residual sugars present in any of our products at the time of bottling.

Fit for use in pets at all stages of development.

Administer orally

Small Dogs: 10ml per day

Medium Dogs: 20ml per day

Large Dogs: 30ml per day

5ml per day

PetBrew may be administered orally, usually via a syringe, or added to pet food or drinking water.

Do not refrigerate. Do not heat above 40℃ or allow to dry out.Keep bottle tightly capped, out of direct sunlight.

Use within 28 days of opening.

No special handling requirements.
Eye contact: flush with water.