Apollo's Story

We recently heard from Jaqi, a self confessed "crazy lady with horses" who tried EquiBrew in her rescue horses.

Jaqi then decided to see what PetBrew could do for her dog, Apollo, who suffered from a chronic skin condition.

The results speak well for themselves!


King's Story

I have been using PetBrew now for a week and I believe this is what has prompted the turn around...

Can't thank you enough for all the help, advice and support you have given us. You have all been so fantastic at PetBrew. King, our black lab, has been on antibiotics and steroids since November for a really nasty, itchy skin reaction. While this regeim had a fantastic result on the original condition, King would come off a course and need to go back on. This third course did not work as well, he was still itchy and red and it was a case of where do we go from here. King has been on PetBrew now for a week and I believe this is what has prompted the turn around. He is still on his antibiotics and steroids but I believe the effects of the PetBrew on his system is finally allowing this course of treatment to have a positive effect.

The redness has gone and he is 90% less itchy - I can actually pat him again and he is a much happier, more playful and energetic dog.

His tail is actually wagging in the photo! I am looking forward to when his treatment finishes and seeing what happens keeping him on the PetBrew. It is so easy to give PetBrew to him as well. I just add it to his food and he licks the bowl clean. He loves it. Thank you so much.  

Sandi Johnston

Beau's Story

I’m a vet nurse and my dog Beau is a 10 year old heading dog. He has serious digestive issues and has had frequent trips to the vet for diarrhoea.

We had put him on a restricted gastro diet and if he got sick he was on daily doses of Peptosyl, and antibiotics. He even required an IV drip in hospital when it got really bad!

I googled probiotics for animals and came across PetBrew. One of the obvious symptoms of Beau’s upset tummy is rank farts - the smell is so bad we are very aware of him and his problem!

After about two days on PetBrew- his farts stopped. His coat became glossier too. He hasn’t been cured - and we still need to keep his diet strict, but he is so much better!

I am very glad we have something that actually helps him to be well.

I have recommended it to other vets and I think it is very effective in helping Beau’s IBS symptoms.



Flair's Story

My German Shepard Flair has always had a sensitive stomach. When first got her at a year old she was nearly hairless from scratching herself!

I have worked really hard to get her into good condition by changing her diet. She had always had diarrhoea and digestive problems which would get worse when she was excited.

I compete her in dog obedience shows, and she would get so excited about going to a show that when she arrived she would always have an “accident”.

I saw the PetBrew case study ad on Facebook so I gave it a go. I just put it on her dinner and she ate it good as gold.

Within two weeks her poos were solid and she also had more energy.

She is on medication for other issues and I have to be very careful about what she has but PetBrew had no ill effect on her at all. We had a competition a week ago and I had ran out of PetBrew and noticed she had diarrhoea so it reminded me that I need it again!

I think while she is competing (as she is aggravated from being so excited) she will need PetBrew as a part of her diet to keep her diarrhoea under control. I have recommended it to other German Shepard owners as a really great supplement for dogs.

Success story from Ink the itchy Pit Bull ...

"I have a 3 year old Pit Bull named Ink, we noticed she had a rash on her back which she had started to bite and was losing her fur. I saw an ad on Facebook for a free trial of Pet brew for itchy dogs so I enrolled Ink in the program. I received one bottle of PetBrew which was enough for a month’s treatment.

I mixed the PetBrew liquid into her dog roll and biscuits. It took about a week before I noticed her fur was growing back, the redness was down and she had stopped itching.

It’s been quite a few months since we stopped the treatment and she hasn’t been itching her back at all since then.

I would recommend it to other pet owners because it worked so well for Ink!

As a medium-sized dog in our itchy dog case study, Ink received a loading dose of 20ml per day, mixed into her food. It is great to see the improvement that a month on PetBrew can make!

Ink before and after using PetBrew


Kendra's Story

I have a 6 year old lab called Kendra. She has had itchy and irritated skin and she has had this condition since she was about a year old. Previously I have tried antibiotics, steroids and dog shampoos but nothing had worked.

I think I had tried everything, changing her diet, putting her on medication and trying every shampoo and lotion on the market! In the end the vet said she is probably allergic to grass so I didn’t think there was much we could do!

We tried a one month course of PetBrew, it took about two weeks to take effect, it worked really well and she wasn’t scratching as madly as she usually did and seemed more settled.

What I like about PetBrew is it as at least half the price of a vet visit. If you also added in the cost of all the medicines we have been using for her, like the steroids, antibiotics and dog shampoo it is a really cost effective solution!

Lulu's Story

We recently heard from Dee, a customer of Rural Trading Post Hutt Valley, about her lovely dog, Lulu. Dee has provided a very detailed account of her experience with PetBrew and has kindly agreed to share her comments:

Hi there, my name is Dee and I rung a representative/sales person from BioBrew approximately 3-4 weeks ago asking about whether PetBrew might help my 8yr old female Shih Tzu who more recently has had reoccurring issues with a 'yeast infection'.

She would keep licking her paws and genital area each time she urinated, leaving and adding to the red stain (apparently from the moisture and yeast bacteria). This not only obviously annoyed Lulu (our dog), but upset me after taking such good care of her over the years, i.e., has her teeth brushed every night, is groomed regularly (by myself an ex dog groomer), ears cleaned, anal glands expressed and nails clipped regularly. At the same time I noticed her eyes became more weepy, sometimes gluggy looking in appearance causing red staining under them. Again, the hair around her eyes is diligently cut short appreciating the eye problems more commonly associated with dog breeds with bulbous eyes.


After two visits to our local Vet to have Lulu thoroughly checked, both times the Vet said she had a yeast infection and blocked tear ducts - only adding to the problem. After the first treatment of prescribed antibiotics for the yeast infection, things seemed to improve, but only slightly. I also bathed her with a prescribed shampoo to (supposedly) help with the irritable skin areas she kept licking.

Both unfortunately only became a temporary relief as another bout flared up approximately a month or two later! On second visit to the Vet I got the distinct impression my (very professional and knowledgeable) Vet didn't really have any answers and was even as reluctant as I was to prescribe yet another dose of antibiotics. I went home to continue with the shampoo treatment and to start some serious research on how I could help to improve, if not get to the bottom of this problem - that is not uncommon in so many dogs!

After exhausting the internet in discovering all the home-made remedies suggested by desperately unhappy dog owners, as well as 'natural' physicians, I still wasn't happy with what I myself term as the "band-aid" temporary part-resolution advice, preferring to discover/logically work out what could be the cause. Of course I went down the track of possible allergies caused by environmental, physiological and/or diet factors - yet came up with no solid evidence to suggest this contributing to the (repeated) yeast infection. I ALMOST(!) felt like I was yet going to become another dog owner victim to relying on pharmaceutical drugs/answers - yet knew in my heart of hearts their advice could no longer be relied upon, at least in this area of dog health/problems. I knew if our (human) world is seriously faced with an impending crisis of our antibiotics becoming more ineffective; why could the same not be considered for our dogs/pets in general! I have heard so many stories from other dog owners claiming either antibiotics or chemically comprised flea and worm treatments not having any long term effect whatsoever.

This led me to think about "probiotics" - for two reasons, because my partner and I use and believe in them, and we're personally great believers in working in the "preventative" rather than seeking a "cure". So it made perfect sense to go online and check out what might be available in the way of probiotics for dogs. And hence, I came across your website! Yah!

After reading up about BioBrew products and appreciating how effective they seemed to be working for many horse owners out there, it seemed only natural I contact someone from the company, as it turned out a lovely, informative salesman, to discuss my dog's health issues and see if PetBrew was at least worth a shot!

After speaking to him over the phone at length, I determined this was the way to go so I ordered a small bottle (350ml) of the PetBrew through our local Upper Hutt Rural Trading Post outlet and two days later after it arrived, started administering in 10ml doses (as was suggested to give Lulu a good start) for the first 7 days, reducing the amount to 5ml each day. I can honestly say ... hand on heart ... I noticed visible differences in Lulu within 3-4 days, at first doubting myself and wondering if I was imagining such a noticeable difference/significance.

But as the days have worn on - to now almost 4 weeks since first feeding it to Lulu, without a doubt not only have her eyes improved dramatically (no more pooling of water or gunk) but she has completely stopped licking herself and the areas on her body (paws, anus, below her eyes) are starting to grow out and I'm fairly certain will her hair will be back to normal after her next clipper/groom in a weeks time!

Apart from the aesthetics, she is a much calmer, less anxious dog and I'm certain her energy levels have increased too! So to say I am absolutely thrilled and delighted with this wonderful probiotic is definitely the understatement of the year!

I administer her 5ml dose each day directly into her mouth with a syringe, which she now is happy to lie back in my arms (or legs!) as I slowly squirt it into her mouth. At least I am assured this way she is getting every last drop into her system, rather than diluted in her water and food bowl. In fact, PetBrew is all of the care needed as we haven't changed Lulu's diet, exercise, environment. Only introduced Petbrew.

I really can't sing the praises enough of your fantastic product and am personally so pleased she is both looking and feeling something of her old self, if not better. I'm definitely sold on it and intend becoming an ongoing, regular user of PetBrew, appreciating too the importance of having a balanced flora and well working gut!

Please feel free to use my reference should any dog owner with a same re-occurring health issue with their dog be looking for some reassurance how well PetBrew has worked for our dog. The results speak for themselves and definitely worth the $18 investment in restoring her to her original health and into the future as she ages.

So thank you for the same you spent on the phone and the advice you gave - I really appreciated it at the time, but even more so now that I decided to purchase a bottle from you. I'm definitely a PetBrew probiotic convert!!!

Kind regards
Dee & Lulu

Jenny's special dog

We recently received a very interesting and detailed update from Jenny Crooks who had struggled with terrible skin problems in her very special dog:

I have tried this product - here are my findings:

I have Great Danes - I have been trialing this product - Petbrew - blow me over with a feather - it works.

I have tried every food product recommended - plus probiotic yoghurt - then American blood analysis - antihistamines - various body shampoos - body sprays - prednisone - keeping the dog contained - washing regularly with Apple Cider Vinegar, and spraying on itchy spots - cotton sheets - sensitive soap powder for washing bedding - Ok - I think thats about it.

Honestly I can now say - as I won't put my name to anything unless it does work - or else you will track me down and bash me - but this DOES WORK.

My dog is not from my blood line - he is an import and the first I have had with such allergies - I have - as above - tried everything and anything - nothing has successfully worked - until now.

However to justify that statement - he is not 100% cured - he is now 60 - 80% better than he was. Nothing has ever achieved this result before.

My boy is a Harlequin Great Dane, - he suffered from the wrong brand of vaccine being used on him, at a young age - research will show you that this is now being linked to such problems, as well as not being exposed to grass and potentially building immunities, when he was a puppy. Hence when he arrived in NZ and was given our outdoors, and pollens - he reacted.

So I can put my name now to this product - and I would advise, I am a very cautious dog owner/breeder - no I am not a regular breeder - don't put me in that category - I am a select breeder - and only do so, to improve the breed, if I believe I can - after 20+ years of owning Danes - I have had 3 litters.

I have NZ Champion dogs, and they are very well cared for, loved, indoor dogs, and well trained - they are show dogs, but first and foremost they are loved pets.

So I have told you my history and that this product works, I would not endorse anything that doesn't - I am too well known, in the dog world. I do not know your dogs problems - or history - but I would be happy to advise that in my case, this product has worked, and achieved more than the Vets or their recommended analyst people - NZ or USA - have done.

He was red and itchy beyond reason - on prednisone spray - the tablets would upset his stomach and give blood in the stool. Injections to neutralize this did not work - as at the worst time of the year he would have to stop these to rest his system - back on prednisone - bathed -with cider vinegar - etc., as above - nothing worked.

Poor man - itchy - uncomfortable - not happy - tried it - what did I have to lose - hopefully a cure - and I admit to being DAMN sceptical - and not trusting or believing in anything else - administered slowly to look for reactions.

Then miracles started to happen. He is so much better - thank you for helping me PetBrew!

Jenny Crooks



Jessie J's Story

I have an elderly rescue cat called Jessie J, she had been a stray for many years and lived on the kindness of strangers. I got her when she was about 15, she was very timid and very nervous about being inside the house.

She had been given vet treatment and was suspected to have mange as she had very scaly and dry skin and rough fur. I took her to my own vet who suggested it could be a case of her immune system turning on itself and so for the next couple of years she was on a regime of monthly steroid injections.

If I was five days late getting her to the vet to have her injection she would start over-licking and her hair would fall out.

 I heard about PetBrew from a friend, I gave it to her by syringing a small amount to her mouth daily. Within 10 days I was very, pleasantly surprised to find that her skin was soft, and all her hair was growing back - and it was feeling soft and silky.

One of the most surprising results was how her personality has changed.  She is now more loving and less stressed out. I ceased the steroid injections immediately, and I have never been back to the vet for anything.  Now I don't even have to give Pet Brew to her every day.

 It’s like it has broken a cycle, a downwards spiral. I think she will be around for a few more years thanks to PetBrew!

The results speak well for themselves!



Solly's Story

Solly is a 6-year-old male cocker spaniel. When I got him at 2 years old from a breeder he had recently been rehomed from a family who hadn’t managed his care very well. He was in a sorry state; he had bad teeth and ears and was frightened of everything.

It was hard to find food that Solly would eat. I tried a raw food diet, which improved his health a lot but he was still getting stomach upsets, diarrhea, and bile vomiting. He was also quiet and subdued, and often sleeping. Initially I thought this was just his nature.

I tried all sorts of other things to get Solly well and improve his digestion, such as bone broths, but I really wasn’t able to crack the problem.  I had to take him to the vet for an infection and he was  on a course of antibiotics. After that he had terrible diarrhea. Then I thought: maybe Solly has gastric upset because he has an upset microbiome. I know about probiotics because I take them myself – could this be Solly’s problem?

I found PetBrew probiotics for animals online. Within four days of sprinkling 20 mLs per day on his food, Solly had more energy. He also stopped vomiting, and had no more diarrhea or constipation. No more grass eating either! He has settled down incredibly. Now he is not sleeping as much, and he sits with me more often. He is much more social and friendly. I put these health improvements and behavior changes down to PetBrew.

I am definitely a convert!