BioBrew Animal Nutrition Probiotic Supplements


StockBrew can be ordered through any Farmlands Store Nationwide.

StockBrew is our general purpose probiotic product for ruminants.

StockBrew products are made in two specialist facilities dedicated to making fresh microbial products for the agricultural sector. We do not manufacture dormant, freeze-dried or otherwise shelf-stabilised products.

We produce fresh, living probiotics and provide our customers with world-class microbial and probiotic technology at a fair price.

Read more about the Gut Microbiome and how StockBrew is different to other probiotic products ...

"I have been using BioBrew for 6 months and I have increased milk solids….and have been very happy with the results" Ron Steiner, Galatea

BioBrew Goat Milking
Ingredients: Dosage: Instructions:

G.R.A.S. Culture,
Dolomite or Lime

Please note: All sugars have been consumed by the probiotic microbes prior to bottling. There are no residual sugars present in any of our products at the time of bottling.

(ingredients may be subject to change without notice)

Animal Nutrition Applications:

Maintenance dosages:
Dairy cows: 20ml/day
Beef cattle: 20ml/day
Calves: 5-10ml/day
Sheep & lambs: 5-10ml/day
Deer: 5-10ml/day
Goats & kids 5-10ml/day

Inoculation dosages:
Dairy cow/beef animal: 100ml
Sheep: 50 ml
Calf: 50ml
Deer: 100ml
Goats/kids 50ml day

Suitable for oral application in all domesticated species at all stages of development.

StockBrew may be administered via stock water, feed, or direct drenching.

For calves, lambs and kids, StockBrew may be added to milk or milk replacer.

Keep bottle tightly capped, out of direct sunlight and use within two weeks of opening.

No special handling requirements. Eye contact: flush with water.

BioBrew Ltd has an ongoing quality control program that includes regular independent testing of products by independent laboratories.

Please also view the BioBrew Ltd. Product Safety Data Sheet.