BioBrew Ltd. - Probiotics

BioBrew products are made in two specialist facilities dedicated to making fresh microbial products for the agricultural, equine, and companion animal sectors.

We produce fresh, living probiotics and provide our customers with world-class microbial and probiotic technology at a fair price.

Our products are regularly tested for viability and other quality characteristics by independent laboratories.

Why is Fresh Best?

You would not enjoy being freeze-dried and neither do microbes.

The process of freeze-drying damages the vast majority of the microbes being processed. Only 1/10th or even 1/100th for the microbes you start with will survive the process in a condition from which they may possibly be brought back to life.

The process of reanimating a freeze-dried culture takes another heavy toll with again ONLY 1/10th to 1/100th of the microbes that may have been able to survive actually finishing the process in a condition where they can metabolize and reproduce.

The above means that only a tiny fraction of the microbes that enter the freeze-drying process will ever wake up and get to work trying to be a probiotic. Further, this process takes time meaning that the tiny fraction of the microbes that make it through the grueling process can only benefit that lower part of the gut that they find themselves in once they get to work.

The live, active microbes in BioBrew products get to work from the moment you administer them. There is NONE of the lag time or massive losses associated with freeze-dried products.

The microbes in BioBrew products are selected to survive the rigors of the digestive system, including stomach acids and bile salts. They do their job the entire trip through the digestive tract.

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“The benefits of probiotic consumption include immune system stimulation, improvement of the digestive processes, enhanced resistance to toxic bowel disease, and a decrease of cholesterol level in blood serum. With good microbes, we are looking at the overall wellbeing over the long-term – a healthy living being, with an improvement in the quality of life.”

Dr Malik Hussain, Lincoln University